Anger Mis-Management

LIA4LW’s 2nd CD, “Anger Mis-Management” was released July, 2021, at the height of COVID and represents really crazy relationship and dysfunctional shit experienced during that time.

Crazy songs on this CD include:

  1. K.M.A. (Kiss My Ass)
  2. (I Need A) Solo Vacation
  3. Momma’s Got a New Job
  4. Trash Talkin’
  5. You’re Someone Else’s Problem Now
  6. Monica
  7. Quiet Chaos
  8. Nightmare Punk
  9. Your Boss Is an Asshole
  10. Frank, Shut the Fuck Up/li>

So, Dude, get your copy of this CD for your next party.  You can get it at Apple or Amazon.