Your “Logic” Makes My Brain Hurt!

LIA4LW’s 3rd CD, “Your ‘Logic’ Makes My Brain Hurt!” was released January, 2022 and was created after experiencing strange shit from people.

Crazy songs on this CD include:

  1. Being with You Is Like Proctology
  2. Everybody Geists You
  3. Granny Likes to Party (Reprise)
  4. We Never Got to Paradise / Eu Fui La Sem Tu
  5. Passion Play
  6. Kids, Keep Your Head Out (Of Your Azz)
  7. Darn That Bourbon
  8. Booty Call
  9. We’re All Getting Laid Tonight
  10. I Don’t Give a Phuq

So, Dude, get your copy of this CD for your next party.  You can get it at Apple or Amazon.